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Saturday Club at Brandlehow School

Bienvenue, Welcome!

Le French Programme is an immersion program based on a range of fun, creative and academic activities. Children will explore and develop the french language through poems, songs, stories and culture.

Our programme consists of two hour sessions a week of french immersion class on Saturday mornings during term time, led by experienced native french speaking primary teachers. 

At Le French Programme, we believe that children learn best through play and educational activities. We provide an environment in which children will naturally develop their conversational and written French, while having fun. 

     Saturday 10AM-12PM


Contact us now to secure a place                                                 

Why Choose
Le French Programme?

At Le French Programme, your child will learn the basics of the French language while pursuing an English education. Children will learn to read and write, as well as developing their speaking skills in order to master their own bilingualism.


                      The essentials of primary will be taught:


- Spelling

- Writing

- Reading


The child's vocabulary will be enriched through different activities (differing each week):

- The study of stories 

- Songs and rhymes

- Artistic activities



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